What is Saine?

Saine is carefully designed for a busy lifestyle when you need vigour from nature. Saine gives you a punch from the freshness of pineapples and the energy of oranges, combined with spring mineral water sourced from the Eden Valley in Cumbria.

To give you an extra boost, Natural Iron along with Vitamin C has been added to support you throughout the day. This delicious combination of carefully crafted fruits is sweetened with natural organic agave nectar.

Each bottle gives you 5mg of Natural Iron (36% NRV*) and 50mg of Vitamin C (62.5% NRV*).

Why should I drink Saine?

NATURALLY-FLAVOURED & DELICIOUS: Sweet, orange-tasting optimal water packed with natural iron and vitamin C.
HEALTHY & REFRESHING: Saine is optimal water formulated to charge-up a tired body.
NO JUNK: No added sugar, salt, flavours or colours. Absolutely none.
FEEL GREAT: Each 250ml of Saine gives you 5mg of natural Iron (36% NRV*) and 50mg of Vitamin C (62.5% NRV*). *Nutrient Reference Value
LOW IN CALORIES: Less than 50 calories per bottle, great for to kerb the calories intake yet to have a delicious bloomy drink.

Why is Saine unique?

Orange juice is a great way to boost the blood levels of beneficial phytochemicals, both hydrophilic and lipophilic, in the body [1]. Orange juice consumption improves diet quality, nutrient adequacy, obesity risk, and health biomarkers [2].

Pineapple juice has anti-oxidant, phenolic, and polysaccharide properties. In addition, the enzyme cytochrome P450 2C9, which is involved in the oxidation and metabolism of several medicinal medicines, is inhibited by pineapple juice. The bromelain in pineapple juice has been found to correct menstrual disorders and providing relief from painful periods [3].

Saine includes Natural Iron and Vitamin C.

Iron plays a crucial function in the synthesis and production of haemoglobin. Iron is needed to metabolize B vitamins, and iron enhances the functions of calcium and copper.

Besides many other benefits, vitamin C helps in absorption of Iron in the body.


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Natural Mineral Water sourced from Eden Valley in Cumbria, rich with a blend of natural electrolytes.

Fresh Pineapple Juice contains trace amounts of iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, choline, and vitamin K, as well as various B vitamins

Fresh orange Juice is a source of vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin that doubles as a powerful antioxidant and plays a central role in strengthening of immune function.

Organic Agave Nectar – a natural source of fibre, prebiotics and sweetness.

Vitamin C – an antioxidant assists in absorption of iron in the tissues.

Natural Iron (Fe2+) – helps to preserve vital functions of the body

Acacia Powder – a stabilizer, natural fibre for silky texture

Citric Acid – a natural acidity regulator

Potassium Sorbate – preservative

For some quantities and variations, product packaging and labels may vary.