Electronic kitchen scale, Large glass plate, Great readability thanks to backlit LCD screen and digital display, Touch-sensitive buttons, Accuracy to the gram (1g graduation), Capacity up to 3 kg Conversion of liquids: one button for changing units of measurement (g/ml, lb.oz/fl.oz), Ability to weigh both solid and liquid ingredients in the same bowl Tare: Reset the balance to zero and cancel the previous weighing and/or container weight, Ideal for adding other ingredients to the mixture Easy storage: extra flat platform, Total stability: non-slip feet for accurate weighing, Automatic stop, Modern stencilling on sturdy glass plate Contents: 1 Terraillon Kitchen Scale T1040 Detox, Colour: Silver, Material: glass, Weight: 0.4 kg, Dimensions (w x l): 20 x 18.3 cm, Thickness: 1.6 cm, Works with 1 battery CR2032 (included

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