Consuming flax seeds is a sure-fire way to increase the nutritional value of your diet, and they have many health benefits of their own. All of flax seeds’ health benefits are locked inside their hard, indigestible shell. Some of the seeds can be chewed to release their nutritious contents, but the vast majority can be taken whole with no ill effects other than temporarily repositioning the digestive tract. Flax seeds are a great plant-based protein and fibre source. Because of its versatility, Cutetonic ground linseed can be added to almost any dish or drink without changing the flavour or texture significantly. Blended smoothies and salads with a sprinkle of ground linseed are two of life’s greatest pleasures, but the former is even more satisfying. Our goal is to source the most natural, organic, and nutritious products from around the globe and present them to our customers. We only source our goods from reliable manufacturers. Remember the simple, nourishing Cutetonic organic superfoods in a world of fad diets, quick bites, and complex recipes. To us, nature is the ultimate arbiter of what is best in terms of health, flavour, and value. We are committed to sourcing our products from environmentally responsible facilities, and we ask our vendors the tough questions that truly matter to our clientele.

For some quantities and variations, product packaging and labels may vary.