An effective makeup cleanser shouldn’t only be a makeup remover. SuuS Cleanser Cream removes dead skin cells and gently supports the skin’s natural protective function. Micro grains of Jojoba exfoliate dead skin cells, opens and unclogs the pores. Oat Lipid absorbs in the skin effortlessly, offers renewing refreshing soothing skin surface ready to apply SuuS toner to put on a new makeup.

Oat® Lipid e is a natural lipid complex extracted from the oat kernel. It contains approximately 10% polar lipids, is rich in skin‐identical fatty acids including membrane phospholipids and ceramides is protected by powerful antioxidants.

Oat® Lipid e has a high linoleic acid content recognised as establishing and maintaining the epidermal water barrier thereby improving skin barrier function. The complex contains antioxidants, in the form of alkyl phenolates, tocotrienols and tocopherols, which have been shown to protect skin lipids from UV peroxidation and DNA damage [1]. Oat Lipid e is hypoallergenic, contain vitamin E to protect skin lipids from UVB peroxidation [1].


Gently apply this cream when cleansing your skin.

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